Embrace the chill – Amsterdam October Challenge!

I won’t lie, it’s hard to stay motivated in the colder months, especially when the Amsterdam Autumn already feels much like the coldest days of a Sydney Winter. That said, I didn’t move to the Netherlands for the weather, so it’s up to me to get outside and embrace the chill of the North Sea winds.

Feeling inspired after watching a talk featured on Ted Talks, I have set myself a challenge for the month of October, to get outside, get moving and try something new everyday, in a bid to re-motivate myself and learn more about the city I live in.

My challenge will be to run or walk for a minimum of 30 minutes per day, visit a different place in the city every day and take a photo to capture the moment – RAIN, HAIL or SHINE! (Hopefully the latter) This sets myself some simple, achievable guidelines and by documenting my journey, holds me accountable for completing my daily tasks.

All my photos along with my experiences will be posted here and via Instagram to share my journey and hopefully inspire someone else to try something new!

Wish me luck!