Day #5 – I love Saturdays


Saturdays, I love them. My usual Saturday involves a morning coffee at home to wake me up, followed by an intense hour of cleaning the house so I can relax for the rest of the weekend and spend as much time possible outside!

Meeting my October challenge criteria was easy today! A small part of my afternoon was spent in the Asics store by Vondelpark getting fitted out with a brand new pair of trainers which I cannot wait to test out tomorrow. Following that it was an evening of wandering around the city, exploring new places to enjoy a mix of tasty Dutch bites and beverages.

Lucky I did at least 3 hours of walking today, to counter the giant, delicious stroopwafel I bought from Lanskroom and the new European beers I tried at In De Wildeman.

Things will get a bit more serious tomorrow when I take my new shoes for a test run!