Day #6 – Serious, but not so Serious Sunday


Serious Sunday means back to healthy eating and exercise for me. I eat healthy six days per week and believe it’s important to allow yourself at least one day to relax and indulge in things you wouldn’t normally get to enjoy during the week. I use the word indulge here quite lightly, as I don’t think the weekend is the time to go crazy on the eating side of things, but more so to give yourself a break to enjoy a waffle or some tasty Dutch cheese without feeling guilty!

Today, took me along with my running partner Emma, on our longest run of the challenge so far. Starting in the Jordaan and ending near Amsterdam Centraal Station, we made a large loop around the eastern part of the city, even racing to the top of the NEMO building to take in the view.

Highlight of the run was snapping a photo of a man holding a giant owl out the front of a cafe. Certainly never seen that before!